So I've been reading a lot about Ranger school because DB will be attending after this deployment. Came across this gem. A journal kept by a ranger there. I thought it was an awesome read so thought I'd share

Ranger School 05-06 06-06 501-06

Here's a snipbit I found funny

Day 64: Monday, 10 April

Ah... Camp Merrill. Ran 2 miles for PT, got my mail after breakfast, and didn't do anything else until dinner except put up some pickets and engineer tape to keep people from walking on our freshly seeded grass. Erika, Jason, and my Dad sent some awesome letters and cards, as always. Today we discovered the "Recycle Creed" amongst the other graffiti in the C-1 planning bay. I also found the names of a ton of people I knew at USMA and added my name to the USMA Recycle Ranger roster. My boy Braden's name was also up there on the wall of the North side of the building. Pretty cool stuff. Yeah, the recycle creed is a rather bitter, angry, and resentful sounding thing, but we think it's funny, so there ya go. Also, we didn't write this. Some angry kid back in the day did. Funny stuff.

Recycle Creed

Recognizing that I did not volunteer as a recycle, fully knowing the stupidity of my actions, I will always endeavor to uphold the shame, dishonor, and low morale of the recycles.

Acknowledging the fact that a recycle is a more elite janitor who arrives at the cutting edge of the detail by stake bed, deuce and a half, or foot I accept the fact that as a recycle my country expects me to sham harder, longer, and hide better than any other soldier.

Never shall I fail my fellow recycles. I will always keep myself mentally unstable, physically pathetic, and impossible to trust and I will shoulder less than my share of the task 10% and no more.

Gallantly will I show the world that I am a randomly selected and well screwed soldier. My disregard for superior officers, carelessness of dress, and abuse of equipment shall set the example for other recycles to follow.

Energetically will I meet the RIs of Student Ops. I shall defeat them on Camp Merrill for I am sneakier and will resist them with all my might. Contraband is not a recycle word. I will never leave a hidden cache of food to fall into the hands of an RI and under no circumstances will I ever admit my guilt.

Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to move onto the next Ranger phase, and complete this school, though I be the lone recycle.

Recycles Lead The Way!