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Thread: AF Officer Assignments ..

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    AF Officer Assignments ..

    How exactly do they work? lol - I know it's different from enlisted but we are not sure exactly how they work (yup - even my husband is not certain!!) - could anyone give us any insight? Thanks!

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    You fill out a "dream sheet" of careers, then once you get your AFSC selected, you fill out a "dream sheet" of bases. You generally find out your AFSC in the late spring (talking about unrated jobs here-- rated jobs are a whole different ball game) and the base at the end of the summer when you get back to school. I found out my AFSC in like April or May and my base in September.

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    Things will work a little differently within AFSCs, but I can give you some general insight.

    Since your husband is at his first duty station, he will have a "mentor" - this is normally one of his raters or commanders. One of the things they'll talk about is his desires during his career and goals and his mentor will help talk him through a plan for his career field. His mentor can walk him through the type of assignments he's going to want to try for to attain his goals, the AF schools and training and timing of them to get where he wants to be, when and where he wants to do Staff jobs and career broadening assignments to give him the best chances to network and get the experience he needs. They can help him with plans for how personal education (getting his Master's) fit in to the big picture as well.

    Normally through O-3/E, his choices of duty stations will be more broad, depending on his goals. Things will narrow more as he ascends the ranks and networks. It really becomes less about where you would like to live and more about what job is the next stepping stone to advancement.

    Networking is huge. Keeping in contact with people he likes working with and for, if his AFSC has a CGO organization that will be helpful for him as well to get involved in.

    You can PM me if you have any specific questions about something.

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