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Thread: Is this true??

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    Is this true??

    I heard today that the letters I write to my dh get read out loud in front of everyone. I was thinking they seriously can't time to read everyone's letter out loud. But if this is true I don't want to be writing anything too personal. And is okay to send a card? I wanted to send him a Valentine's card, but I was scared it would something that would stand out and he would get in trouble for it. I guess I just don't want to be the one that makes things harder for him.
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    umm as far as I know they can not read his mail. They can and will take away any food you send. At least in Navy boot camp.
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    nope, mail is not read infront of people. the RDC can chose to "screen" incoming mail if he/ she wants. It's not read infront of people. Send lots and lots of letters! It'll make his day go by better

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    RDC can't read out mal but they can take away any food or whatever else is sent.
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    None of Nick's mail was ever read aloud
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    When my wife was in Navy basic I sent her cards letters etc. I sent letters all the time. I would put my cologne on the letter and the RDC's would always know it was for her so they would call her up.......ARMY!!! get up here! You have mail! Army was her nickname because whe was in the army before the Navy but got out of the army and joined the Navy. They never opened her packages I would send to her at all. I didnt send food though. But none was read out loud so talk away, they wont give him any problems.
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    THEY WILL READ POSTCARDS OUT LOUD! They say that they have to read the whole thing before they get to the addressee's name..
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    My dh is prior marine corps and in basic they did read some of his mail. And yep they read the post cards.
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    In DF's army basic they didnt read letters, but they did go through pictures.
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    I think it varies. My fiance never had his mail read. But if someone sends food or anything, the RDC's will take it and eat it sometimes. Don't send pictures that are inappropriate either, some guys in DF's division got in trouble for that

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