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Thread: Star Reenlisting?

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    Star Reenlisting?

    So DB has been talking recently about star reenlisting ASAP (he's been in for 15 months). He hasn't shared much detail about it though, so I thought I'd check here. Do any of you or your SOs have experience with star reenlisting? What did it ultimately mean for your/your SO's Navy career? Another deployment, a "worth it" bonus, etc?

    Thanks y'all!
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    My husband star reenlisted back in 2010 after being in for slightly over 2 years. I'm not entirely sure if it's the same anymore but I can tell you from our standpoint:

    1. Star reenlisting means DH got advanced one rank ahead automatically, no test or frocking time waiting to be paid, that day we started getting paid for the new rank

    2. We did get a great bonus at the time, however the amount depends on the Navy first of all (I have no idea wht bonuses look like right now) and your DB's rate because they're all different. I can't remember if the multiple for bonuses also plays a part in SR bonuses. You get half up front and then the rest comes each fiscal year (October) in equal increments for the time that he signed up for.

    3. It does mean that your DB will be committed to more time in the Navy so you will likely do more deployments or underways. We're on submarines, not sure what you're on.

    Ultimately you need to come to a decision together. We decided to so we could have a decent amount of money in the bank and the bonus was too good at the time to wait much longer in case it changed (and it did only a few months later and went down).

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