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    I got a letter from DH today! The thing is it was postmarked on the 5th. i was just wondering what was taking it so lobng to get to me wghen it never has before? And in his letter he sounded like he wasen't getting my letters...

    I write him at LEAST one every day if not more. Any ideas on why he has not recieved them. I would have gotten them returned to me by now if they were addressed wrong right? VBut it has the same addrsss on them and he has gotten some of my letters.

    I just worry because he mentioned in his letter that he needs to know I'm still here. I write him letters and try to uplift him daily, so he would know that if he was getting my letters...? I dunno, thanks for letting me ramble!
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    they suck at getting letters to the people at boot. i've written to three people at boot three different times and they either didn't get my letters, got them incredibly late, or didn't get all of them. but i'd always get their letters, even if they took a while to get to me. sometimes i'd get like three at a time. anyway, yeah, i feel your pain. it's annoying and i'd feel all bad because they'd write me and ask why i wasn't writing back. it was horrible. i hope he starts getting your letters.
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    Well, I'm not sure why he wouldn't be getting YOUR letters, but I do know that at bootcamp, (at least the one where my DH went to - Ft. Jackson) they only send OUT mail about once a week or so (it varies all the time and you never know when you'll get a letter), which would explain why you just got his postmarked from the 5th.

    I'm glad you got a letter though! That's the best feeling

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    I wrote lloyd to the wrong address for like the 1st month and he was saying to please write back and took a few weeks but he did get all the wrong addressed letters to him. i think they were only allowed to send out and receive mail on sunday
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    See, I never had a problem with recieving letters in bootcamp (Navy). My wife also never had any problems getting letters either. It would average maybe 3 days for me to get a letter from her but I also lived in the same state as the Naval base too so that may have had something to do with it. Just hang in there, the snail mail is exactly that, slow. I am sure he will get the letters soon. I know what you are going through being on both sides. Just write him as often as you can because he will appreciate it. That happens in boot camp, you tend to appreciate the little things in life.
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    Yeah they only send out the letters and are allowed to read them on sunday I although some of the guys, including DH, would sneek read them at night or in head. It took a long time for me to recieve his the first time but after that they started to come more steady. HTH;s
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    The mail is just f-ed up. Sometimes you get letters on a fairly regular timeframe (from what I could tell, it SHOULD have taken about 4-5 days for letters to get cross-country to me), but sometimes they'd be just insanely late/early. It was weird.

    And, yeah, your letters are probably just behind. I think the first whole month of BC, my letters were crossed up with DB's, and neither of us had the right letter when we were writing. It was insane.

    It'll get better though.

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