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Thread: looking way into the future. so stressful.

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    looking way into the future. so stressful.

    My DB and I have been friends for a couple years and started dating about six months ago. Things have started to get pretty serious and even though we're still both in college, we're looking ahead to our future together. He will be entering his second half of marine OCS not this summer but the summer after (14) because he got injured he was able to postpone it a year.

    I cant imagine my future without him. We have discussed marriage and are confident that it is in our futures.
    I am honestly just terrified. We had a conversation the other night about him commissioning and tbs and other training and how i will factor into all this stuff.

    I dont feel like i can plan my own future with grad schools or even where I will end up or jobs, when we will have time to get married, all of that.
    Have any of you had a similar experience? I know that life will be tricky and Im willing to follow him to the end of the earth I just would like a glimpse into how rough the journey will be.
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    Hey I find myself doing the same thing all the time. I am in graduate school now and have plans of going to medical school and DB is stationed overseas for the next couple years. I think all the time about what if I take a year off here or go to this school in the hopes of him being stationed near. But I have found thought that trying to think too far ahead just stresses me out necessarily. And, I had my plans for school before I met him and giving up on that to go be with DB is not something I am going to do. So we are just trying to take things one step at a time and make whatever circumstance we are in work at the time. Since I am still new to all this I can't really give any advice about what the journey would be but you're definitely not alone.

    I hope you guys find an option that's best for you.

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