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Thread: SF Training

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    SF Training

    My DH is currently completing Airborne training, and will be going to do SF training next month.

    For those of you who have a soldier who has gone through SF, what was the total time your soldier was gone during that beginning period? I know he has the 30 or so day training phase, then SFAS that lasts 3 weeks or so, but were those phases directly after one another? And was your soldier in holdover before they began the first 30 day phase and if so, for how long?

    My soldier left 2 weeks ago for Airborne, and we were both surprised that he has another entire week before he even begins Airborne training---he has been in holdover for this entire time, which is frustrating for both of us because we assumed it would all be one thing after another and that he would be home by March!

    Thanks you in advance for any information and help you can give me!
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    No one here will say if they are an SF spouse or GF. For safety reasons. It is not something that is supposed to be announced. If you cannot google it then it is not public knowledge.

    With hold overs in any training it is typically in processing which yes can take a while. It can even take a while for Basic training.

    Here is some googled links for you.

    Training |

    Army Special Forces Training |

    United States Army Special Forces selection and training - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There has been a few posts of people asking about special forces here before and they just usually go unanswered because the spouses and gfs will not mark themselves as such. It protects them and their Soldiers.
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