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Thread: HM-8506 "C" School

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    HM-8506 "C" School

    Anyone else's significant other been through "C" School yet? We were thinking about him progressing into a "C" School sometime in the near future, but I really don't know much about it.
    Where are "C" Schools located?
    How long are they?
    Are spouses/children allowed to move there with them (unlike bootcamp/FMTB/"A" School)??

    Any advice is good advice at this point!! I'm very lost!
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    If the school is 6 months or longer then yes families can be moved to the school's location. As far as location, from what I have found in google is it's in San Diego, CA but not sure how accurate or recent that info would be. I don't know how long the school itself would be.

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