My DB went through SRF-B training (OC spray, which is concentrated pepper spray, to the face and then forced through a psychical attack course) this past Friday. You can Youtube it and see other doing it if you are curious. It is intense.
I was able to go on base and witness this. I actually recorded him throughout the course. He did GREAT!! I am so so proud of him. It is amazing to see him being so strong. I could not imagine being sprayed with this stuff. In fact, I got a little on my hand and couldn't stand the burning feeling. The thought of having that on my face and in my eyes is unbelievable. I just wanted to share because I am just so proud. It is routine for top siders, but my DB is an engineman and this is something a handful of them get chosen to be trained for. (You have to go through with this in order to carry and use it against ship invaders.)
However as a spouse I was also concerned for him. The redman punched him in the face and actually made his nose bleed and by the time they noticed and he started walking toward me he had blood coming from both sides of his nose and down to his chin. It was a little frightening but I knew he was ok. At first I thought it was a side effect from the spray and I asked one of the Chiefs if it was normal while DB was washing his face and he informed me that he was hit twice in the face. And then I was also of course concerned for what the OC spray was doing to him. I was so thankful I could be there for him. He was too. He said it was the worse experience of his life. And one of the women that had it done said it was worse than child birth.

Btw: The redman didn't intentionally hurt him. They are buddies and he was being a little harder on him but in no way meant to bust his nose like that. And it is not uncommon for the redman to tap the cheeks of the trainee.