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Thread: recruiting duty??

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    recruiting duty??

    Anyone's dh been on it? Love it? Hate it? This may be what's in store for DH next year if everything works out the way we're thinking it will. Ive heard horror stories but DH has talked to several friends who said its not as bad as it used to be. Any experiences with this?
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    I know it can vary quite a bit from branch to branch (heck, it varies a lot from station to station) - so not sure how much help I can actually be. DH did four years of recruiting while he was in the USMC.
    We had a love/hate relationship with it - it wasn't all bad (though Lord knows that is all I heard when he first got the orders - horror stories), but there were plenty of shit sandwiches to eat while he was on it.
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    DH is in the NG and he's been trying to line up a recruiting job for when he comes home from this deployment. He hasn't had any luck yet. They told us that theres a 6 month period where they have to reach a certain quota, and after that its a 3 year job. It's probably different for active vs. NG though.

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    My hubby was on it over a year ago and we thankfully survived!lol We didn't like it at all, he hated it but actually did a good job. No way would we ever want to go back to RD again.

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