I hope this can help..
Alot of ladies I know are kept in the dark as to what their guy will go through in Ranger School.
There are a few documentaries on youtube that can help you understand. This will also help you to feel closer to your guy while he's there.

Rangers - YouTube

That is playlist with two doc's about Ranger School.
It helped me so much when I was learning about what my guy does. Course mine's 38 and has been a Ranger for many year's. So its just me who's new to this lifestyle.
Also the ranger's have a website just for themselves.. which Im sure they wouldnt mind answering question's you may have.
ArmyRanger.com - For and by the Ranger Community - Army Rangers - Home | ArmyRanger.com - For and by the Ranger Community

On top of that.. for those of us who are attached to these amazing men I have made a support page on FB for us. There really isnt much of a support group for Ranger wives/GF's.. because like any other special force/ops most dont understand unless their attached to it..


Anyway.. I hope this helps.. I cant say Im an export on it.. but I have been doing my research and it has helped me out so much..