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Thread: What comes after Ranger School?

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    Confused What comes after Ranger School?

    Hello all,

    Well, this is my first post. I am sort of at my wits end wondering what the future holds for my husband and I. He is currently about to finish up his AIT as a 25S which is Sat Com. He is then going to Ranger school. How long is Ranger school??? & originally, he told me that he just wanted to go to the school for the tab and that since he wasn't infantry he would probably not end up in a Ranger battalion. Now, evidently his 1st Sgt says that is not true. I'd prefer not to be in a Ranger battalion because that sounds a tad more dangerous to me, but what do I know? Anyways, everyone at AIT is getting their orders to their actual duty locations online now. My husbands orders only say Benning but we're assuming that is for Ranger school. At what point are we going to know where we are going? Is it normal for MOS's like my husbands to end up in Ranger battalions? Wives dont move to Benning for Ranger school, do they? Any wisdom on this subject would be appreciated. TIA
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    Yes your husband would be going to Benning for ranger school. If your husband is in infantry that is perfectly normal that he would end up in the Rangers. My husband was in the infantry and went into the rangers right after AIT. My husband was stationed at Lewis and Benning when he was a Ranger. The deployments are usually not as long but you don't know where they are going or will not know much information because missions are top secret As for going with him to school was he enlisted and serving before AIT. If yes you can go if he just got out of basics and then to AIT then you wouldn't be able to. Feel free to pm me with anymore questions.
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    Ranger school is about 61 days and he may also be required to go to Airborne school afterwards.
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    I might be wrong, if I am someone please correct me, but he doesn't become a Ranger after Ranger school. He becomes a Ranger qualified. To go into the actual Ranger Battalion he will have to go through RASP/RASP II (another school about two weeks long) then he will be a Ranger. Most of people only get the tab, because this is great for them, but I really didn't know they could send other MOS besides infantry there.(Learning something new every day)
    I know that some people enlist with the option to be sent to the Ranger battalion. If that was your husband's case he will be in a Ranger battalion without the Ranger School (but in order to stay there he needs to pass Ranger School)
    Ranger school is 61 days AT LEAST. The school is divided by 3 phases and he might recycle one of the phases and if this happens, he will have to do it all over again; so yes, maybe it will take longer than that.(when my dh went, a lot of guys were recycles and a few were there more than 3 months already) So be patient
    If he is going to Ranger school, then no, you can't go with him. Good luck to him!
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    Going to Ranger School gets you the Ranger Tab, it does not make you a Ranger. I am guessing he could still be attached to a Ranger Brigade without being a Ranger, there are a ton of support teams for teams like that.

    Ranger School is kinda long and most guys do not make it all the way through without recycling. My friend just went through pre-ranger and said that only 1/3 made it out to the actual Ranger course, the rest were going through Pre-Ranger again. You will have very limited communication, I think you can send letters during the first phase and you get some phone calls randomly. Wikipedia is a great resource for stuff like this, a lot of your questions will be answered in this link.

    Ranger School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I hate to say it, but welcome to the Army. This has been our constant experience, not really knowing what is going on then suddenly *boom* they let him know what the decision is and he is on his way. Not a lot of information is given, he has to really ask his leads about the impact on family type stuff. Try not to panic, it will all work out.

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    My husband went to Ranger school earlier this year. It is two months long and you'll communicate primarily by letter the whole phase. You can expect one short phone call every three weeks (at the end of each phase, to let you know if he's going to the next phase or not). There's one 8-hour pass where they are allowed to leave Camp Rogers (in Benning) to restock after the first phase, but after that you won't see them until they finish Florida phase, which is the last one. There are also a couple of passes on the two days before graduation.

    We knew where we were going to PCS to before he went to Ranger school, but we didn't know WHEN until a couple of weeks afterwards. This is, of course, because you don't know their graduation date until they've passed Florida phase. If he hasn't been to Airborne school before Ranger (my DH had) then they usually go to Airborne school afterwards, which is also in Benning. It's about three weeks long if I remember correctly. Very rarely a few people go on to RSLC after Ranger school, which is also about 3-4 weeks long. There are tons of schools at Benning so sometimes guys try to get as many as they can while they're there.

    I don't know a whole lot about Ranger battalions, but I've gotten the impression that it requires a pretty substantial application process to be accepted into one. If someone is in a Ranger battalion, they have a black and red "scroll" and not just the black and gold Ranger tab. Plenty of people with Ranger tabs never end up going into a Ranger battalion! Even just having the tab will be very beneficial to your husband's career, though!

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