tomorrow is DF's last day in the Navy. Tuesday was supposed to be his first day in the reserves but he got a notice Friday he had been denied for service in the Naval Reserves because he has been on light duty since last November because he had hip surgery. they're declaring him disabled instead.

his plan was to stay here (hampton roads-my home area) and make this home, however he couldn't find a job and the cost of living is significantly higher so he is moving back home to Pennsylvania (north of Pittsburgh) in November. he will have a really good job and live with his parents for free for a little while at least.

(I'm staying here for now. I'm trying to go into the Air Force Reserves and I just started a new job and would like to have at least 6months in with this job before I leave. I also have a little bit of debt to take care of before I move away so I'll probably be moving in the spring)