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Thread: MOS- Aviation Logistics?

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    Question MOS- Aviation Logistics?

    Hello all, new around here!

    I'm trying to find out the length of DB MOS school, he said he is in Aviation logistics. Anyone know anything about this training? Thanks in advance
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    I found this
    Aviation logistics Marines are responsible for the supply, information systems and aviation logistics planning.

    Initial Training
    Marines in this field learn warehouse management and operations at the Marine Aviation Supply Course or the Aviation Logistics Tactical Information Systems (ALTIS) Course in Athens, GA. Formal schooling is also provided to Marines entering the Aviation Supply Specialist and Aviation Information Systems Specialist MOSs.

    Within the MEU
    Marines in Aviation Supply put in place the logistics and communications systems to supply crewmen with the equipment for aviation maintenance and operations.

    Specialties in Aviation Logistics include:
    Aviation Supply Specialist: Provides logistical support to aviation activities, including inventory and financial management.
    Aviation Logistics Information Management and Support (ALIMS) Specialist: Operates, installs and maintains the digital networks and information systems.
    Marine Corps Aviation Logistics |

    and this

    and this

    hope that helps.

    ETA, you should make sure to put branch next time too, that will help get answers, other branches have aviation too. I only was able to google because I remember you saying he was at Marine BCT
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