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Thread: PTS approved...for now

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    Roll Eyes PTS approved...for now

    DH had to put in for his PTS. Long rediculousness but his next set of orders (FINALLY shore duty) have to be for 4 years, and this enlistment is up in 2015. So...he can't reenlist before this set of orders because it is so far out, but he needs to be at his next base for 4 years, so he had to be approved for his PTS before choosing orders. So great!! His PTS was approved, which means he can choose his next set of orders (smart a$$ that he is tells me he gets to pick anywhere from Sep-March ) but he will have to do his PTS AGAIN when and if he chooses to reenlist. By the time his next set of orders is up, it will be 2016 and he will have been in for 12 years. I really really hope by then he has made it to E6 so he can even have the choice to stay in. But I do want him to stay in as long as he can. Maybe by 2016 the job market will look better

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    yeah, dh just had one go through PTS. Glad she got to through it.
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    I hope it works out. My cousin did it 4 or 5 times and it finally went through and she got new orders. She has 9 in now I think and went from sea to sea duty.

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