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Thread: letter question

  1. inlovewithjon
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    letter question

    Does anybody know when i guys in boot camp can start writing letters? my bf said i won't get his address until he can write me 1st. how long is that? couple days...weeks...oh..and one more question---what sizes of envelopes can i send him. is there a size limit?
  2. Happy little tree
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    It really depends on the boot camp. They usually have a week or so before even starting the actual training when they are in-processing, getting assigned to their boot camp unit, etc, so they won't even know their address. I think it took me about 2 + weeks to get my first letter.

    I never sent him anything larger than a legal-sized envelope, so I'm not sure if there are size regulations. You could check on the website for the Post he is at for training - most places will have a section for Basic Training and you can look at regulations and what all they could be doing week to week.

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    Yeah it depends on the kind of boot camp..I think it took about 2 weeks to get DH's first letter. And I am not sure about the rules but I Just sent him the long regular envelopes and also the card envelopes and they were fine.
  4. christinam
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    i didnt get until farther along but they were definately worth the wait
  5. Senior Member
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    2 weeks here also... and don't lose patience at first they hold letters from the guys to kinda break them down ... just keep faithful on it and it will all work out

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    when his RDC says so>
  7. Hawaii girl
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    When db was in the Marines bootcamp I got a letter from him 1 week into his training. Though yeah it might be different for all branches. And as for letter size I don't think there's a limit. Though maybe just a regular envelop size would be fine just to be on the safe side.
  8. Kendra23
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    I didnt get a letter for atleast 2 weeks maybe even 3. It really sucked and also the mailing there was horrible. there were many letters that i didnt get from him and were sent back to him and he later gave them to me once he got home. !!!
  9. These things make me believe God is a man, after all.
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    These things make me believe God is a man, after all.
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    My DH is in AF BMT and his flight isn't allowed to write at all! I have gotten 3 phone calls so far, because he has had to do paperwork for his security clearance and he "needs to get information from me" to complete that paperwork. Sometimes I think I'd rather have a letter though. To read over and over again. Well, grass is always greener...
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    Yea it really depends on the camp his platoon how will they behave which determines the spare time they get. They are so busy those first few weeks that they barley get time to sleep and eat let alone sit down and write a letter. It took a good 4-6 weeks before I received anything and whatever you do wait until he writes an return address because ur letter will never get to him if u use the one that the mail man stamps on there. I hope that helps alittle.
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