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    So my hubby is leaving pretty soon for bootcamp for the navy so he'll be in IL. Now when he graduates can my kids come? And once the graduation is over do I buy him a place ticket and he comes home with us or does he go seperately. He's suposed to have a few days before he leaves for BUDS so what happens then? I dont want to not get enough plane tickets and he cant come with us. When does he leave IL after the graduation? Is it days or right after or what? The whole thing is so confusing to me. Never done any of this ebfore. I just keep coming up with questions and I dont have anyone to ask but you guys so thanks for you help.
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    Hey hun! Well I can only tell you my experiance with my hubby. When he graduated only 3 people could come. And he just put our names on this list when it came closer time to graduation. But any ages can go.

    And about coming home. My hubby got to fly home with us only because he graduated out 2 days before christmas. And yeah he left with us and flew home with us. But he didnt find all that info out until like 2 weeks before he graduated. Because anything can happen while they are in bootcamp. But usually they dont get to take leave after bootcamp. But i have no idea because you say yours is going to buds after bootcamp. So that might be different. I hope this helps a little.
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    From my experience, the Sailors don't get to leave to go home after graduation. My DH stayed in GL for a few days and then was sent to Pensacola for A-school...I don't know what your situation may be because of the BUDS (LOL i don't even know what that is!)
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    Yeah....with my experience me and his mother came..but some family's had like 4 ppl go. My dh couldn't go home with us, and at first he told us that he didn't have any liberty and couldn't see us so we had a plane ticket home immediatly after grad. But then when it got way closer we found out that he DID have liberty for a day and then had a plane ride to pensacola to A I think it depends...I dont think you will know for sure what is going on until it get's closer.
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    For the most part they don't get to leave right away. The are sent to school. Sometimes that happens right away sometimes not.
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    I know that you posted your message a bit ago, but in case others that read this are wondering, I found a website that gives all the information for the families. The site is as follows: (for the Great Lakes area)

    It's been a help to me as my boyfriend just left last week (January 24th) and I needed some help knowing what to expect around graduation and such. I hope this helps all you other SOSers.
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    kids are allowed and if they under 12 they don't count toward the 3 guests allowed. I know when my husband graduated there were families with way more than 3 people so Im not sure it matters to much. The graduate just has to have everyones name on the list. my husband went to A school not buds and he got 3 1/2 days of liberty because he gratuated on MLK weekend. He still had to spend the night in the barracks and stand watch. after the weekend he wes bused down the street to A school.
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    when dh graduated, he had me and his parents on his list for people to come. we went SUPER early, and we got in, and they also let my mom, and his brother and sister in cause as long as they had ids with them. my dh went to the same school heather's did. (i believe they were there at the same time too!) except mine got to spend the weekend with me off base. so he got to stay in the hotel with me for 2 nights. a few weeks into bootcamp you'll get a little graduation package thingy that says whether he is a "grad-n-go" or not. if he is, he'll graduate, maybe have the weekend, then he'll be shipped off to wherever his school is so he probably won't be able to go home with you.

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