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Thread: question about Army...

  1. cassie
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    Smile question about Army...

    DB is still at BCT but said he 'put in' to be stationed at Ft. Hood when he graduates basic & finishes his AIT... anyone know the likeliness of that happening? I know NOTHING is for sure in the military, just wanted to know if anyone knew firsthand. TIA!
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    My husbands betst friend, battle buddy and partner in crime put in for texas fort hood and he got it right away. but he also moved in rank so I guess it just depends
  3. LaurenOC
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    well when dh re enlisted he put
    1) Hawii
    2)Ft Hood
    3) Ft Stewart
    4) Germany (dont remember which one)

    He got Ft Drum, NY. No where near what he wanted.

    Really though it all depends on what your DB's MOS and rank are and if they need that at that base. to him. Thats number 3 on our list. We find out at the end of the month.
  4. Armylove
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    So are you at Fort Drum?

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