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Thread: Really?? Now you open it up for his rank to reclass?

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    Really?? Now you open it up for his rank to reclass?

    DH wanted to be a medic so so badly. But his MOS was blocked from reclass for his current rank and above. Now he can only reclass if he re-enlists and that is the absolute last thing he wants to do. The only way he'll go medical now is if he gets his degree and goes officer in the Navy Nurse Corps. He might decide to not even do that and just go to school and leave the military alone. It's his choice. I'm just sad for him that he couldn't at least have switched to his "dream" MOS earlier. He couldn't originally go in as a medic because his recruiter was feeding him a line and said he didn't meet the age requirement. He found out shortly after, it was a load of crock.
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    That majorly blows.
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    Does he have a Bachelor's now? If so, he could apply for the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. I'm not sure how it works, but he can also get his Bachelor's through the military, and then go to USUHS. My husband went to the United States Naval Academy (you can apply up to age 21, if I remember right, but you can't be married or have kids), and then on to medical school. But I have heard of enlisted guys who got their degree through the military and then went on to medical school. The amount of physicians in the military is reaching a critical low, so it may be "easy" for him to go that route right now. I put easy in quotes because becoming a Dr is never easy, but the military might accept him without much trouble.

    Is it possible for him to get a temporary release from active duty for his degree? They have offered that to my husband for his fellowship. They release him from active duty for the duration of his training, and then he goes back in when he is done. They may have this option for my husband because the specialty he wants to go in to is unusual, so there are not many in service options.

    Just a few things to think about. Let me know if you have any questions.

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