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Thread: navy bootcamp

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    navy bootcamp

    Does anyone know if they are restricting the number of people allowed to go to the graduation? When dh graduated there was no limit but that was before 9/11. His nephew who just left was told that he could only have 4 people come. Does that sound right?
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    Hey there. When my DH graduated boot camp (November 2007) the recruits were supposed to submit a list of people who were coming to their instructors. Then they could send out the tickets to the family with the base passes and when you get to Great Lakes they checked you off the list by your name.

    Now I know that the space where they do the graduation is HUGE. Think big high school gym. I have also read that as long as they have the space then the 4 people rule doesn't really apply as long as the extra people come in with the people named on the list. Please don't quote me on it, I don't want you to get there and get turned away!

    Hoped that helped at least a little!
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    My DF just graduated Oct. 30, 2009 and yes there is a limit to how many people who can go to the navy graduation. Theyre rite and only 4 people can be allowed to go to the graduation they say its becuase they have limited space and i agree it was very very very crowded in each section.
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    DH graduated this past April and they let 4 people go. The sailor gives the names of who should be coming at the beginning of boot camp and they check ID's at the graduation.

    I know people say that more people could come but I highly doubt it. It was packed to the max when DH graduated and I don't see how anymore could fit lol.
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    Dh went in 2005 and only 3 of us went. I think it was 3 or 4 for the limit.
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    Hey. My hubby just checked out of RTC in May. He was one of te RDCs (drill instructors).

    It is true. They are only allowed 4 people. However, if there is room more people can go in. But, I personally wouldn't want to chance it. I was able to take all 3 of our kids and his grandma with me to the grads and they were fine with it. But we sat in the RDC and RDC's family section. As long as they are doing it the same way, there is check in by where you park. You get your hand stamped and then you walk to the drill hall. The parking lot is in front of the church and it is a ways away from the drill hall. When we left they were in process of changing that so there is a parking lot right by the drill hall. Not sure if they are done with it yet.

    Hope that helps.
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