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Thread: What's It Like To Be A Ranger Wife (or S.O)?

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    What's It Like To Be A Ranger Wife (or S.O)?

    My husband is currently a medic and is really interested in becoming a Ranger. Of course, I want to support him, but I really want to know what it's like to be married to a Ranger. Aren't there frequent deployments and training and a lot of time spent away from home? With five children under 12, I'm not so sure that him becoming a Ranger is the best thing for us. But I want to keep an open mind--that's why I want to hear from others what you go through on a daily/monthly basis. Thank you for sharing!
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    talk to bjo and coloradokitkat both of their husbands are Rangers.
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    My hubby is also a medic stationed at Hood...he's currently doing flight medic training in Iraq and he wants to go into Spec Forces when he finishes...He knows a bit about what to expect because he was in the Air Force Special Forces before. Like you, I'm not sure what it will involve, but I know it will be time intensive. We're newlyweds though and don't have any children yet, so our situation is a bit different. Good luck with your research!
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    Being a Ranger Wife is not so much different then being a regular army wife. We do have more frequent deployments with what some would call "more danger" they deploy often about every 7 months, but for less time. As for time away from home, I always say that my husband isn't really home even when he is home there are alot of late nights, and the training cycle can get viscious at times, you definetly have to be independent enough to go it alone sometimes. If it is the route your husband wants to take, expect him to be gone often, but, I feel like it's worth it. If you have any specific questions like mentioned, Bjo is a Ranger Wife too, as am I, I'd be happy to answer any questions you had in PM

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