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Thread: Orders through BUpers Online

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    Orders through BUpers Online

    I was wondering if orders come out on Bupers as they are released or do they submit only all orders once a day? I hate seeing my husband log in and out all day waiting for the orders to show. It keeps us in suspense bc we want to get on the ball with our pcsing and try getting on a waiting list and we cant unless we have the orders to fax. I get nervous everytime he logs in lol So is there a chance they will post anytime during the day?
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    They posted DH's smack dab in the middle of the day. He had checked it in the AM and then around 4pm he was like I HEARD THE ORDERS ARE ON BUPERS...So he checked it again and they were on there.
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    there is def not an exact time that they come out. The waiting stinks.

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