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Thread: CPO Pinning Ceremony *Lots of Pics*

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    CPO Pinning Ceremony *Lots of Pics*

    The pinning ceremony was awesome. Some guys that John was in the Navy with back in the beginning came up to see him get pinned. One of them is John's best friend in the Navy and he pinned John with me. At the end there was a get together at the CPO club so everyone could celebrate and meet. But it was 8:20 by the time we were able to head over and my DD had school this morning so we didn't go. We are going out for a celebration dinner tonight. Here are some pics:

    These are from the audience when the selects got on stage and waiting to be pinned.

    These were John's friend and I pinning him.

    This is John and I after he was pinned and his sponsor put his cover on him.

    The new chiefs lined up and were congratulated by the older chiefs and some family also went through. John is in between the 2 chiefs standing close together.

    These 2 pics were taken while waiting for the congratulation line to end. The 1st one is with John's uncle and the 2nd is with his grandma.

    These are the guys that John began the Navy with and who came up to see his pinning.

    These are of John, myself, Breanna, Johnny, and Evan. Johnny is in the red and Evan in blue.
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    I went to my first pinning ceremony yesterday, was truely an awesome experience.
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    Great pics, Congrats again!

    Well, I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not
    and I'm sure happy with what Iíve got
    I live to love and laugh alot
    and thatís all I need

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    Congratulations and welcome to 'the family'.
    Needs work.
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    Yay, congrats!!!

    I haven't pulled pics off of my camera dad took them. But you can see some preview pics from the photographer we took with us here :

    Congrats to US ALL! I cannot WAIT to spend the weekend being lazy with my Chief
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    Thank you ladies.

    Allbluezoo: Those are great pics. You guys look great and they came out awesome. Congrats to you and your DH!!!!!

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