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Thread: Good luck vibes please!!

  1. hey baby, you got the love I need...
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    hey baby, you got the love I need...
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    Good luck vibes please!!

    (although he already took it, we could still use the vibes lol) DH just took the second class p.o. test a few days ago. He wont get the results until November which sucks but please send him

    PS--am I the only one that hates the fact that if they pass, they get frocked, but have to wait 6 months to get paid for it?
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    Yeah it sucks but its like a probationary period for them
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    Good Luck hun.

    Ya, I don't like it either. My DH got promoted and we're looking at not getting the pay raise til at least March/April. Maybe not even til this time next year. But, at least he got the promotion.

    I'll be crossing my fingers for you guys.

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