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Thread: Commissioning ceremonies

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    Question Commissioning ceremonies

    What is the etiquette as far as commissioning ceremonies go? Do you send out "save the date cards" or invitations? Do you just mention it via word of mouth?

    If you sent out invites, would you mind posting an example?

    If the ceremony was the same day as college graduation, did you just include the commissioning ceremony details/invitation inside the college graduation invite?!

    Feel free to add suggestions. Thanks!!!
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    I don't know if this will help, but I know many people send out invites for USNA graduation/commissioning. We have not gotten to that point yet, so I don't really know much else.
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    DB just had his mom tell family and family friends and he took care of inviting his friends. It was in December and we had a blizzard that spanned across the state that day, DB got food poisoning and nobody came but me and his best friend (who swore him in--he's AD Army). DB actually made it through his ceremony but looked like hell.
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    Dh didn't have invites for his commissioning. We just kept his parents up to date on the date and time. I would do a fancy insert for his graduation announcement, just announcing the commissioning. Have fun!
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    DB's was just his parents and me. his college graduation was the same day but he skipped it. he's not one for ceremonies if you couldn't tell
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    exDB and all my college friends who were commissioned didn't really send out invites or anything other then college graduation invitations (and maybe putting a note at the bottom or on the back) unless they were having a big party/celebration afterward.

    I did help the few that made some on we did a grad invite on the front, and a commissioning announcement on the back
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    I'd send out the college graduation announcements, with information about the commissioning ceremony inside.
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    DH just told people. At boot camp I think they sent invitations (navy), but they didn't do that for OCS. We basically emailed and called people.

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