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Thread: Warrant Officer

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    Question Warrant Officer

    Anyone's SO a Warrant Officer? This is something DB is currently looking into. He's planning on filling out a packet while he's deployed, and then submitting it when he gets back. It sounds like a great deal. Just curious if anyone has any information


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    Hi DH is deployed and he sent his electronically while he was there. What info do you need? I'm an expert at W.O. applications now. Just PM me.
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    My DH is actually going through the process right now for becoming a W.O. His CO told him he is allowed to drop his packet on deployment (hes deployed right now) and he'll make sure it gets approved then when it does, it'll only be a matter of time until they send him back (his CO told him he'll come home early to start). DH doesn't even know with all of this W.O. how long he'll be deployed for. I know a tad bit of information if you'd like. Just PM me

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