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Thread: Hi :) CPO Spouse/Command ombudsman

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    Hi :) CPO Spouse/Command ombudsman

    Hello ladies

    For those of you that don't know me, my name is Becca. I am a command Ombudsman for the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). If you have any questions or concerns about the chiefs initiation season or indoctrination ceremonies/issues, PLEASE don't hesitate to call me or send a quick email,and I will be certain to answer any questions/issues as soon as I possibly can. Thanks again for your patience and welcome to the mess -

    Becca Rhine
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    Hi Becca. Awesome of you to put your hand out to the families. It's a trying time for all during transition.

    Nice to "meet" you.

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    just worry about being kind."
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    Thanks Becca!!!

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