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Thread: Marine ladies, this one's for you

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    Marine ladies, this one's for you

    Has anyone had any experience with their Marine getting out and then wanting back in? My DH is in the process of re-enlisting as an Active Reserve. Do any of you know anything about how long the package takes for an Active Reservist? The recruiter told us 30 days, I am wondering, has anyone experienced anything like this that makes it more than 30 days?
    I am only asking because we have been "re-enlisting" since last October, and I am ready for the process to end! Hopefully it will later this month.
    I am nervous!
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    this may not help much but ive read that the Marine corp is getting tougher on reup packages but theyve met their manpower.... it took a couple months for them to approve my hubbbys and hes ad... but goodluck with it all

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