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Thread: Finally some movement

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    Finally some movement

    DH started his paperwork for crosstraining last August, and at the end of last year he had to have a flight physical and they found a abnormality in his EKG and he had to got see a cardiologist and also had to go see a ciropractor because he did something to his back just after he joined. So he had to get waivers saying that those things weren't a problem and it does not affect his work, so he saw the dr's before he deployed, but basically the whole time he was gone he was chasing the dr's up to get their reports back. Well 2 weeks ago they paperwork finally got the paperwork submitted to medical to make their decision to be accepted so he could submit his application for crosstraining (that had to be expidited to get an answer quick).

    DH just rang me, medical had looked at the paperwork and basically he was told that he didn't need to go and see the specialists or get the waivers as those things would not affect the area he wants to crosstrain into. WTF all that time waited and he has been anxious about getting the paperwork and crosstraining (he is good at what he does, but doesn't enjoy being on the flightline), and now the basically tell him that he did all this extra work and he could have actually submitted his application months ago. As well as that, he was getting soo anxious that he was thinking of just cancelling that application and starting a new one for a different field (he's even schedualed to take some test this Friday for the other field). So now we just wait for that paperwork to come back from medical so he can submit his application. Hopefully he'll get an answer soon.

    On a brighter note, he did his paperwork for reenlistment on Monday.
    Hope this made sence, sorry if it didn't. It's just been long and frustrating, I had to get it out.

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    I hope the crosstrain goes through...
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    Don't you love gov't red tape? I am glad he got it all cleared up though, and just think- in case they change their mind about needing that stuff it is already done! Good luck on getting that back soon!!
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    The crosstraining process is such a fricking maze of red tape! I feel y'all's pain! I am sorry he had to go through all that stress for nothing.

    Once he submits his packet my advice would be that y'all keep on top of it with AFPC as to where it is in the review process. They do not always have their ducks in a row. They told my DH he was denied in November, and then in February emailed him telling him he had one week to accept his new AFSC. His MSgt had a nice chat with them over that particular screwup.

    So double check everything they say with two different representatives and with the computer system, and then check it again. AFPC even went into DH's AFPortal and changed the date on his packet approval so that it appeared that they had informed him in Nov. instead of Feb. that he had been accepted, even though that was when they had told him he was denied. It was the craziest shit I'd ever seen. Good luck to him!

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