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Thread: Whats the difference?

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    Whats the difference?

    I don't understand the difference between a Warrant Officer and a Commissioned Officer. Can anyone explain this too me? I have a friend that told me that DH should have gone Warrant... But I thought for that you had to be prior service...

    I am so lost right now!

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    For the Navy:

    A Commisioned Officer has a degree and came into the Military as an Officer.

    A Chief Warrant Officer is a Sailor who had been an E7 or higher with a minimum of 12 years of service in with no more than 24.

    The biggest difference is that a CWO does not have to have a degree and a CWO cannot be the CO of a major command.
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    For the Army:

    Commissioned officers manage people.
    Warrant officers are technicians with some kind of highly speciailized skill, they don't have the command responsibilities that commissioned officers do

    As my DH explained it to me...CO's manage people, WOs manage things (like equipment or tech systems)

    I don't think you need prior service to be a WO.
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