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Thread: SFAS (army)

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    SFAS (army)


    the DB is getting ready to head off for special forces selection. He has been told that he won't get to call home at all for the three weeks. Anyone have any experience with that?

    Another that he originally had wanted to become a medic (for like the past few years!)...but after being told he wouldn't advance past an E7 most likely, he doesn't want to now! I would hate to see him give up that goal just because one person said he wouldn't have a good chance of becoming a sir.
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    Not to sure about the special forces but he could still be a medic. He could do like 10 years and drop a warrant package.
    (Disclaimer: The following information is coming from a Army wife who doesn't actually know any specifics 100%. Often told to her by husband or other wise ones. Though, they all will admit that at times they dont know the specifics neither. The information received should be considered unstable and possibly flammable. Do not disseminate. )
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    You are correct, when the husband did selection he was not allowed any communication for 3 weeks.

    I am not sure about the medic thing. I will ask tomorrow if no one answers.
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    Not sure about the Special Forces but for the medic, I have no clue what the person who told him he couldnt advance past E7 as medic was thinking. Every senior NCO I had and my husband has is a medic and E7 and above. (we are/were medical) I know more of them as 68W (combat medic) than any other medical MOS.
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    3 weeks he will be in the barracks then he will call you.

    Medic in SF is one of the hardest jobs in the Army I have no idea about the advancement process....(Tell him to ask around when he gets there)

    Good Luck!
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    They cannot call during the bulk of selection. They get to call toward the end, during the last two days, they can use the phone after they find out whether they are selected or not. Before then, they are not allowed to call.

    Selection has been going through some changes lately too. They did some classes which were only two weeks long, and now they seem to be under three weeks by a few days from the ATRRS Course catalog.

    As for being an 18D, or SF Medic, if your DB has experience as a medic, or has a high GT score it is very likely he will be considered to train as a SF Medical SGT. Things can always happen though, and there is a chance he will be placed into another MOS because of the number of students currently in the course for the medic program. If they have a ton of medical students in the program, there may not be room for more. If they have a small number, it's very likely he will get what he wants. He will find out when he finishes selection, if he has been selected, what his MOS will be and what language he will be training for. They have an interview process for the selected soldiers which decides their future in the SF Qualification course. The medic students have the longest MOS training of any other for Special Forces. It can be as long as two years of training after selection before they graduate and become a Special Forces Medical SGT. Tons of things can happen while a soldier is in the course causing them to be dropped, so it must be considered that not all who go to selection are selected, and not all who are selected become a Special Forces soldier.

    If you have any questions be sure to send me a PM. I'll do my best to answer what I can, and can ask around here so I can find the correct information for you.
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    Mine went through SFAS recently and his was right under 2 weeks, but no communication during it. Apparently a couple things with Phase II have changed so if you would like to PM I can try to advise you as much as possible. Mine won't be a medic but he's just a couple months ahead of yours in the process. I'm also "only a girlfriend" so I can give you the prospective of that (since some there have been a few slight difference between his and his married buddy's experiences thus far.)

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