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Thread: Retraining at the end of your enlistment?

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    Retraining at the end of your enlistment?

    Okay, if DH for whatever reason doesn't like his job, can he retrain to a different job when/if he reenlists in 3 years??

    I know nothing is for sure, just curious about others experiences. It's Air Force by the way. Thanks!
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    I think you have to have 2 years in your current job before you can put in for cross training. My DH is looking into is as well!
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    IDK about air force but when DH was about halfway through a-school(navy), he decided he wanted to change rates. They assigned him as undesignated, put him on a ship and about a year later, he went back to school for his new rate.
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    In order for him to retrain, there has to be slots out of the job that he's already in .. so if the job he is in is undermanned, they may not allow him to retrain. It took my husband just over 8 years before he was able to retrain out of maintenance, but it was worth because he is SO much happier doing what he does now.
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    It just depends on if his current MOS is under to over manned. If he is in a undermanned job, like CE or security forces (just two off the top of my head) then it would be harder to be released to re-train.

    Also if her recieved a SRB (selective re-enlistment bouns) then he would have to fillfull his contract completly or forfiet the bonus.

    Once he is released to crosstrain then he will go through tech school just like he did when he was right out of basic. (he will retain his current rank, and should not have the phases the right out of basic kids, if the tech school lasts longer than 6 months you will have the option to PCS with him)

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