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Thread: Correspondence Courses

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    Correspondence Courses

    My husband is trying to register and start taking his correspondence courses (BTW he just became Specialist Promotable yesterday, pretty good going from an e-1 to this in just 2 years)

    The website on the ako sends him to some browser, google sends you to either the same thing or colleges you have to pay for.

    I was hoping someone out there had the actual website so he can get this done, he has nearly all the points needed to be promoted and the guys at work just keep telling him to retry, as if he hasn't done that.

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    My husband was emailed them to his AKO account. You just click on it (we have a issue with our computer not liking the cite). His platoon Sgt emailed them. My husband is a E6 I have no idea if that would make a difference (class wise and what you can be emailed I would think not)

    Have him ask someone he works with.

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