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Thread: Beyond Confused

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    Beyond Confused

    I know that there isnt really much that any of you can help me with. But I just needed to put this somewhere. Sorry

    DH is leaving for the first portion of EOD school the end of June. I am going with him. It is not a PCS. It is a TDY enroute to our PCS in Florida. We will eventually end up at Eglin Air Force Base.

    Now where is where I am sooo confused.

    DH was originally told the school was two months with a one month wait time. Thats fine. I am getting a short term lease on an apartment up there. At the end of the three months I would be 9 months and dont want him to miss the birth.

    Now today he was told the school is one months with a one month wait time. Thats fine. We can still get a 3 month lease. Its cheaper then staying in this apartment we are in now. I am not sure what is going to happen.

    I know early middle of june we are having the movers come and take our stuff. They will hold it in Eglin till we get there. What if I dont make it there before giving birth. It was different when we thought we would have some time between baby coming and then moving. Now it looks like we will be driving down to Florida when baby will be due.

    Is there anyone that actually knows how long the first portion of EOD school is?
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    No idea but heres a for you
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    have you tried the shools website? usually they would provide that kind of info or at least a number you can call with questions.... hope you get some answers quick i know this must b very unsettling..
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    I have no idea, I just google. It says 10 weeks. though

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