i've posted once before about DF trying to get his direct commission..

he passed the field board in october 2007, but then went to iraq, so once he got back and finished his packet, he submitted it and then found out it was in the wrong format, and the field board had expired.. HOWEVER he PASSED the field board

last month he went to the field board again and is currently working on his packet but things are getting in the way again, not to mention he just found out they're leaving again within a year.

he got a call today saying he didnt pass the board. how can you pass one year and not the next? 13 years in the army hes been wanting this, 3 years he's actually been working on following through and it looks like it'll be at least another year and a half. the only reason he can think he didnt pass this time is because they talked to his CO of his last deployment (not his unit, this was voluntary deployment so he was just put with them) and shes the one who tried to get him court marshalled for calling me after my friend died (which he had permission)

but, this is the army, what can i expect.