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Thread: so.. this could be fun

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    so.. this could be fun

    df wasnt planning on getting an active reserve job until he gets his officer commission...

    but, the unit he drills with is 2 hours away and they'll soon (maybe 6 mos or so) need someone to fill a desk job position.

    i'd have to live two hours away from everyone here (my whole two friends ) but we'd be able to live the "active" life! meaning normal hours. ( believe me anything other than what hes doing now is normal, he leaves home at 6 am and sometimes gets home at 11 and has one day off)

    this means tricare and housing pay HECK YEAH!

    i just may soon be living near sheppard AFB!

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    (Disclaimer: The following information is coming from a Army wife who doesn't actually know any specifics 100%. Often told to her by husband or other wise ones. Though, they all will admit that at times they dont know the specifics neither. The information received should be considered unstable and possibly flammable. Do not disseminate. )
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    That is exciting!

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