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Thread: Know anything about Navy AO's??

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    Know anything about Navy AO's??

    So long story a little.... DB is currently in Corpsman A school in Great Lakes and he's missed passing two tests already by like a couple of points, but he has 6 tests to go and if he fails another he'll be disenrolled and put as undesignated which he absolutely doesn't want to do.

    So he's planning to disenroll himself and choose new orders so he actually likes what he's doing. And he wants to be an AO (Aviation Ordnanceman). I googled it and it sounds good for him, but I wanted to get some feedback on what people think of it. Positive and negative about both being an AO and dating one would be lovely.

    Thanks loves.
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    Hubby is an AT (Aviation Electronics Technician), so I don't know hardly anything about AO's. So here's a for you.
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