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Thread: Air Force Officer Questions

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    Air Force Officer Questions

    This is three part:

    1) If your DH is an AF Officer, which kind? How did he get there (ROTC, OCS)? How often is he deployed? Anything else?

    2) Does anyone know how difficult this scholarship is to get?

    3) Does anyone know about how difficult any of these scholarships are to get? Any other information?

    My husband is wanting to do something like this after his enlistment is up so we were looking for any information. This site has been SO helpful and I appreciate it so much. THANKS!!!!!
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    Not sure about the programs, but DH finished his degree while enlisted and is in the process of putting in an OTS packet. Good luck! He should be able to use his GI Bill and just to ROTC or try to get an OTS slot later, I'd go ROTC though because its guaranteed.
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    Have him look into the AECP program, its a great program, and if your DH is interested in any of the degree programs it would be fabulous.

    You receive your standard pay (SSgt pay if you are E4 or below), housing allowance and everything. Its awesome!!! You have to have a certian amount of credits (less than two years left) to apply, but if you are accepted you are good to go! Also, you have to have certain classes before you can apply, which is where DH ran into some issues. But if your DH already has some college done, it could be a great option! If he wants more info than what is on the website he can go speak to someone at the education office!

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