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Thread: Questions about Army Reserve

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    Questions about Army Reserve

    This may be long, sorry!

    DH will no longer be AD Army once July rolls around. The plan has been for him to get out, me to get a job, and he's going back to school for a second bachelors degree.
    Aside from the obvious concerns about money / the economy, we've also been concerned about his getting called up during his 3 years of IRR.

    So - he's been looking into going into the reserves. They're offering 24 months of stabilization if he does, so then there's only the last year that we'd have to worry about him deploying again. It also provides a little bit of extra money each month, as well as a bonus for doing it.

    Now, all this sounds GREAT on paper. But I want to know how realistic this is, as far as the "one weekend a month, couple weeks a year" stuff.

    Basic concerns:
    How steady is the schedule?

    Will he know in advance what weekends he has to go, or do they change it up last minute sometimes?

    Basically I want to know if the Army will still be completely in charge of our lives - or will it be reasonable. I am going to meet with the recruiter with him on Monday.... but I'm also pretty sure that he'll tell me whatever I want to hear -- and I know you ladies will tell it like it is.

    If you made it this far, thank you - any answers or advice would be so great!
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    DB is in Air Force National Guard so I don't know how different it is but for him we know all the weekends for the entire year already.
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    DH was AF reserves, and we knew all the weekends at the start of every fiscal year, the only thing that was not set was the 2 weeks, but we knew roughly the time it would be far in advance. hth.
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    Dh is in the Army Reserve (currently deployed). He knew the dates for his duty weekends as well as the two weeks of training for the entire year in january. I don't think they ever made any changes.

    We are over in Germany, I don't know if that makes a difference.
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    DH is National guard, and we know the entire schedule for the year in Dec/Jan. The ony time it got changed was when the guys didn't wanna go on a certain weekend, cause it was new years eve/day.

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    DH is Army Reserves. Generally speaking, though not always, drill was the first weekend of each month. He knew the schedule well in advance, but it could change. I'm intrigued at the promise of no deployment for 24 months. I hope that works out. The only other thing that comes to mind is the question of a new contract? DH originally enlisted with a "6+2" contract (six years of active drilling, 2 of IRR) and is being told to change MOS or go active duty will require a full-on reenlistment with a brand new 8 years contract.

    I'm sure it could be completely different for AD going Reserves, though.
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    DH is in the Army Reserves..He is actually at the reservers right now...We got the stablization for 24 months and only have to worry for the 1 year, we also got a bonus (but still haven't received it yet) Go Figure!

    When he went for his first weekend he got a paper with every weekend/week all the way up to I think this October. Non of the weekends have changed, they are very easy going with DH. DH had to miss a weekend for work, but all he had to do is make up the day.

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