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Thread: Med Board?

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    Help Med Board?

    I was wondering if anyone's SO has been put on a med board? How does the process work and what was the outcome in your situation? DH is getting the paperwork started Wednesday.
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    DH started his paperwork for Med Board about a month ago. I'm PMing you.
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    They did this to DH because he is diabetic. Luckily, he got a good doctor who actually would listen to him and recommended that he be allowed to stay in. It was a long drawn out ordeal, but in the end it turned out fine.
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    DH was scheduled to go to the med board right when we first met and started dating. He didn't actually go for several more months. It was to determine if he was going to be able to deploy or not. Obviously he got his way and deployed with his unit.

    I don't have much advice or anything. Mostly because all of the paperwork, etc. was done before we met or right after (and at that time I was still learning everything military related)

    But, I hope everything works out the way you and your SO want it to.
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    I was med boarded last year due to allergies that cause asthma type symptoms. There was a lot of paperwork involved, but mostly just sitting and waiting for the decision to be made by the board. It took about 3 - 4 months or so. I was allowed to stay in, but given an assignment limitation code of C, which means I can still deploy, but only to bases with an appropriate medical facilities. Just because there's a med board doesn't mean it's for sure that they are discharging. The result could be "fit for duty".

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