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Thread: Regret being an officer?

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    Regret being an officer?

    Do you know anyone who was prior enlisted, went to being an officer, and regretted it? Stories, please.

    (DH is Air Force, for what it's worth)
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    DH is prior Enlisted and went regrets here from him.
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    My dad was enlisted and then became an officer. He never regretted it.
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    You know, kiwi that my uncle is an officer, and was also prior enlisted... I think in general there is a little (or a lot) of misconception about being an officer and what they actually do.

    Of course there is more responsibility, and more administrative stuff, but you get those things to some extent also the higher you go on the E side. It really depends on the command, and the job... but... being an officer does not necessarily mean being a paper pushing desk jockey who loses touch with the hands on side of the job, and the men.

    A good officer should NEVER lose touch with their job, or the men under them. Also, there may not be any retirement benefits extra other than the pay... however, in general there are billets that are only for officers, which is nice.

    I don't know how much that applies based on what your DH does and what we've talked about, but if he still plans on cross training, it is something to consider.

    My uncle, and several other people I know who were prior enlisted have never regretted their decision, and more than that, as much as they were able to, they made their experience be whatever they wanted it to be. Good luck to you guys!
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    "Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from."

    Not for one minute has he regretted his decision to apply to OTS and get his commission!
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    My Dad was enlisted before he went officer...he never looked back!
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    Nope no regrets and the majority of our friends are mustangs(prior enlisted)
    They are better officers IMO
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    DH is prior enlisted, and he has never regretted getting commissioned. Not once.
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    No regrets from my husband....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurora View Post
    My dad was enlisted and then became an officer. He never regretted it.
    Same here! My Dad was active duty Army and retired 22 yrs as an officer. He was enlisted for 5 yrs before being commissioned.

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