So DF is NG Infantry right now and is leaning towards switching to Medic. Obviously, if he makes the switch he will have training to go through which he says could take up to six months at Ft. Hood. I wouldn't normally have a problem with his being gone, except it will be immediately after our wedding..and only a few months after his return from deployment #2. So of course, I am wanting to go with him during this training period and possibly make a permanent move. The problem is, he says there is no reason for me to go there with him because he would have to live on base during that training period, no exceptions.
He often gets his facts mixed up, and sometimes I think maybe he is just saying this because he doesn't want me down there with him during his training (it makes no sense, and I'm weird for thinking it, I So I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about this... would he absolutely have to stay on base during the training period? Is there any way we could work this out to where we could be living together throughout the training period?