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Thread: Training in VA

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    Thumb Down Training in VA

    So DB is leaving at the end of the month for Training up in VA. It has come up so fast. Im so bummed. Its 4 mo's long...and he gets the weekends off, but its 6hrs away.I work on Sundays and the dog .... i cant afford to be boarding the dog each weeked.If he has a roomate, we have to get a hotelroom. It just blows. Its getting more real that im really not going to see him that much. Ive got myself all bummed thinking about how he wont even be here for the christmas season and why put up a xmas tree just for me. Blah. Its prob going to end up being that i get to see him once a month or so.We just moved to NC about 3 mo's ago. Ive met a few people but not made any real friends yet. My family is in New Orleans. Im going to feel so alone.--
    He just keeps telling me "it will be okay".."it will be over before i know it" Yeah yeah yeah. It just sucks thinking he will be hanging out at the beach on the weekends with his buddies and ill be at home by myself.
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    Aw, I'm sorry. I know how you feel. DF and I have spent more time apart in our relationship than we have together. Before he left for Iraq, he was in Kansas and I was in Denver. It was a 7 hour drive, but after driving that a few times, 7 hours didn't seem so bad! Trust me.

    Maybe you two can find a hotel in VA that allows pets? That way, you can take the dog and have some private time with him.

    And what part of NC are you in? My sister lives there!
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    Where in VA? If it's in Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach/Norfolk areas) you can bring your dog and leave it here at my house, providing it gets along with other dogs and cats (we have a dog and cat).

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