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Thread: Khaki Ball

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    Khaki Ball

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    at mine the first and second would have been too casual.

    I really like the 3rd and 4th. I think the 4th would work the best.......I really think the third one is super cute though......
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    I love the fourth! Little Black Dresses are never too plain (IMO) you'd look hot!!
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    Kristi I like the 3rd one the best...would look really good on you...but the 4th you can never go wrong with either.
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    I have no idea what a Khaki ball is.. but I absolutely love the Daisy Print Tube Dress
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    2nd or the 4th. The pic of me and DH in my siggy was from the Khaki ball. My dress was a belted black velvet down to the ankle. Some dressed up more formal than I did and some less.

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    Any of them would have worked for S's. I LOVE the third one~~~
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    No, no, no, no. To answer the questions

    I LOVE the third one (the one with the flowers, was that #3). The thing that people (people in general) tend to forget is that with any ball, you base your dress on your husbands' uniform for said ball. The khaki uniform is not a formal uniform - it's an everyday working uniform. There are always a few people here and there that get dolled up to the nines with formal gowns, but I tend to stick with simple and cute...and usually black. Sometimes I have my hair done up, cuz I love that

    I edited my answer from " n,y,n,n" because for some reason I thought you were asking if #2 was too RUFFLY, not too revealing Don't know what happened there
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    I think #3 would probably be the best There were people with plain shirts and pants on at ours, so it definitely would not have been too casual.
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    I have no idea what the Khaki Ball is, so I'm going to pick number 4. It's a classic piece that you could dress up or down...

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