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Thread: AIT

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    Not sure if their is a post about this already, but my bf just left for Army AIT and I was wondering if anyone had any insite on it? Like do they get the internet, phone calls, how does graduation work....I guess I just have a lot of questions and I'm looking for someone that has been through it before.

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    Well my DB went through AIT last year in Fort Knox and he didnt get to use the internet he did call a couple times but not much more then when he was in basic. He did have more down time so he wrote more but he didnt get to call anymore. I didnt go to graduation thought because everyone said that it was a short thing and that he would be getting on a plane as soon as it was done. Our roommate went through AIT last summer also and he was able to call all the time and they would get weekend passes and stuff so depending on where your man goes will depend on what he gets to do.

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    He can use his phone during AIT.
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    DH went to Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD for AIT. He could use his phone during his own personal time. And internet if you paid for it, or went to the library where it was like $10 for an hour. We didn't go to dh's AIT grad, he came home the same day, lol.
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    it really depends on where they are and what their mos is. dh could use his phone, but no i-net. and he got free time, if he earned it. but a friend of mine just got nights and weekends off. could use his phone, and i don't remember about the i-net for him

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