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Thread: All right then.

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    All right then.

    Since Bremerton didn't get my husband an honorable discharge certificate and San Diego won't, I'll BUY one!

    I found a man online who makes them. He's a former marine from Vietnam.

    Here's his website if anyone wants it - he does all kinds of military and law enforcement certificates.

    He's very nice, I've spoken with him through email.
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    They didn't give him a cert when he got out? I'd be complaining, if I were you
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    Did he separate from the Navy? The majority of commands don't provide a Honorable Discharge Certificate for separating Sailors since they get the DD 214 but if he really wanted one then they should have at least provided one.

    That's cool that you found that company to make one. Hopefully it turns out nice and thank him for his service.

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