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Thread: Army MP K9 school - Help pls!

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    Question Army MP K9 school - Help pls!

    Anyone know any web links that will tell me more about k9 programs available?

    DF wants to change his MOS a tad and work with K9s. I am just looking for more info on the schooling involved and things like that. I hope his desire to do this won't interfere with our PCS to Italy. I know that sounds so selfish but I was really looking forward to Italy!
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    My DB has been talking about doing the same when he comes home next year. I don't know much about it either, I just know he keeps talking about going up to Connecticut, cause apparently there's a K9 MP unit up there. But I'm right there with you- I don't know much about it. Sorry I can't really help!
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    I don't know anything about it

    I do know a couple of guys who are now out of the military but both used to work with K9's and now they own a very successful dog training school. They are amazing... and charge an ass ton for thier services
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    Dh looked into that once upon a time and he was told that the training was in San Antonio, tx but thats all i remember lol
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    A good friend of mine just completed the Air Force MP k9 course. It was in San Antonio, and if I remember right he was gone for about two months.

    I don't know a ton about the actual program, but I do know that he loves it! It sounds like a really cool job. I could ask him more about it if you want.

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