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Thread: different priviledges at different schools? (army ranger)

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    Help different priviledges at different schools? (army ranger)

    i was just wondering what the difference is between the army training schools are as far as priviledges and freedoms. im pretty sure that during basic the only guaranteed form of communication is letters, with the occasional call from a pay phone if youre lucky...but what about AIT? well actually since db is at OSUT instead of the two seperately, what about the AIT portion of OSUT? is it any different...? When do they get access to email, and a cell phone? After OSUT db is going on to Airborne school, then RIP then Ranger School (im pretty sure all his schools are at ft benning) So what freedoms are they allowed during Airborne and RIP/Ranger School that they arent in BCT??
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    my db is going to ranger school soon......he says he doesnt think hes going to get to call very often, its going to be 2 months of pretty much just letters......but thats just what hes heard
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