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    so my dh will be graduationg from basic on aug 13th at fort benning. i havnt gotten anything on it yet, but everyone is telling me i should look into lodging now. i got a info on lodging and stuff there for us to do but nothing about tickets or anything.

    so what do i do....

    i want to get down there on the 12th so i can get up and just look pretty in the morning.... people are saying he will have that weekend to spend with us. should i rent a room for the 12-17??? i was also told i should be able to drive him to basic since its in GA as well.

    also how much money should i bring?
    what kind of clothes should i bring as well?
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    I was just up there & spent about $500. But that was for gas, there & back, and I had a nice little $100 shopping spree!

    YES! Definitely start looking into lodging! But look for it around exit 10 or at the hotel on post. There ARE exits to stay away from, so PM me if you need help. I'd have him look into the one on post. You're closer & exit 10 is, obviously, about 10 miles away from post!

    So PM if you have questions or want help getting a hotel!
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    I will be going to Benning the first week of August so I've been wondering the same things! I can't answer any of the other questions, but clothing-wise, my DB says it's very very hot down there - so something you won't die in!
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    When my husband graduated from his basic training I was concerned everything that you are concerned with. I got a letter from his base telling me about the different thing you could do on base and hotels in the area. If they do not send you a package like that. Then I would look into a hotel. Just go on-line and look up hotel for the area. I would not book a hotel until at least two weeks before the graduation. When you do book your hotel make sure that you can get refunded because, there is so much that could happen between now and then. And some times people get asmo'd.

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