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Thread: navy divers?

  1. Allie
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    Question navy divers?

    is anyone else's SO a diver in the Navy?
    or do you know anything about going diver?

    DB has always wanted to be a diver.
    he's going to try & cross rate once he gets a bit more fit so he can qualify & go to great lakes, then florida for all the training.

    just wondering what can be expected of going diver?
    i know it's REALLY tough, but it's my baby's dream, & i have faith that he can do it.

    thanks in advance for any advice/info.
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    I dated on once!! Does that count??
    I knew the moment I first looked into your eyes - before you ever kissed me, I knew whether you knew it or not, and no matter how long it took, you were the one for me. I didn't care what people said or what the odds were. I didn't pay attention to anything but to what my heart was telling me. "This is it," my heart said. "This is the one you've been waiting for!" And thats the way I've felt about you ever since.That's the way it still is every time I hear your voice on the other end of the line. It doesn't matter whether we're in or out of love at that moment. I guess that's cause we both know you'll always be mine and I'll always be yours. Thats what being in love is all about!

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    He should go to a dive motivator once he is ready. They will give him all the info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piggypunkinetta View Post
    He should go to a dive motivator once he is ready. They will give him all the info.
    yeah he's already done all of that.
    i mean, he knows pretty much everything he needs to know, i guess what i want to know is info from a wive/gf perspective. lol.
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    Hey! I'm new here!
    I saw your post and thought I would touch base.
    My DB is a Master Chief master Diver in the Navy. Pretty high up there. Being fit is definitely key! It was tough but as long as he has the endurance, he can do it. I think that, as with most things, you gotta have a passion for it. My man sure does! He loves it! He is living his dream. Right now he is on a tour in Tennessee in a staffing position which is driving him crazy! But when he finishes this is going to go back to a more active duty.This is a very important position he is in now, but he just isnt fond of sitting behind a desk. Anyway. I'm sure you man knows how he needs to get to where he wants to be. My relationship is sort of new. I met my guy in HS and we just found eachother again after 20 years. We hit it off again instantly. The Navy has changed him a bit, but I can still the the old him and thats what he likes. Anyway, I would like to meet people who can help me better understand what he does and how to deal with the distance(both physical and emotional)Apparently being a diver is a highly respected position and these guys work hard and they work alot. They are also very proud of their accomplishments and their community. As they should be. I'm very proud of my baby!

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